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 Elimanation Game-Death Eater Version

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Ginevra Malenki
Slytherin Prefect, Divination teacher
Slytherin Prefect, Divination teacher
Ginevra Malenki

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PostSubject: Elimanation Game-Death Eater Version   Elimanation Game-Death Eater Version Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 5:02 pm

The game is simple all you have to do is put the (-) or (+) sign besde one of the names and when that one gets to zero then the name is elimanted. When it's done you'll see which Death Eater is the most popular.!.

A. Dolohov~ 50
B. Lestrange~ 50
G. Crabbe~ 50
E. Rosier~ 50
G. Goyle~ 50
I. Karkaroff~ 50

L. Malfoy~ 50
S. Macnair~ 50
R. Lestrange~ 50
S. Snape~ 50
W. Yaxley~ 50

Ginevra Amara Malenki
Emma-lee Leanne Malenki
Carrie Jayne Stone

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Elimanation Game-Death Eater Version
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