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 Elimanation Game- Creature Version

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Ginevra Malenki
Slytherin Prefect, Divination teacher
Slytherin Prefect, Divination teacher
Ginevra Malenki

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PostSubject: Elimanation Game- Creature Version   Elimanation Game- Creature Version Icon_minitimeSun Feb 24, 2008 5:15 pm

Alright, you guys know the rules... give one, and take 1 away using (-) and (+)... no more, no less. Have fun. Very Happy

Aragog -10
Arnold, the Pygmy Puff -10
Basalisk -10
Buckbeak -10
Crookshanks~ 10
Dobby~ 10
Errol~ 10
Fang~ 10
Fawkes~ 10
Firenze~ 10
Giant Squid~ 10
Grawp~ 10
Hedwig~ 10
Hermes~ 10
Kreacher~ 10
Mrs. Norris~ 10
Nagini~ 10
Norberta~ 10
Pigwidgeon~ 10
Scabbers~ 10
Trevor~ 10
Winky~ 10

Ginevra Amara Malenki
Emma-lee Leanne Malenki
Carrie Jayne Stone

~Divination Teacher= Proffesor.Malenki~
*What I want and what i'm needing, is everything that we should be*
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Elimanation Game- Creature Version
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