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 Quidditch Season!

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PostSubject: Quidditch Season!   Thu Apr 24, 2008 11:26 pm

1st Game: Ravenclaw Vs. Hufflepuff
Place: At Ravenclaw's Game Pitch
Date:_______________ Capn's Choose Smile Must Agree
2st Game: __________ Vs. Slytherin
Place: Slytherin's Game Pitch
Date:________________ Capn's Choose Smile Must Agree
3rd Game: Gryffindor Vs. Slytherin
Place:Gryffindor's Game Pitch
Date:______________ Capn's Choose:) Must Agree
4th Game: Gryffndor vs. Hufflepuff
Place: Hufflepuff's Game Pitch
Date:___________ Capn's Choose:) Must Agree
Championship Game: _________ Vs. _______
Place: __________

Ravenclaw Vs. Hufflepuff
Whoever Wins Will Play Slytherin
_________ Vs. Slytherin
Who Ever Wins Will Play Gryffndor
__________ Vs. Gryffndor
Who Ever Wins Will Play Hufflepuff
_______ Vs. Hufflepuff
Who Ever Wins Will Play ____________

Will Be Updated Soon!
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Quidditch Season!
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