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 Ginevra Malenki's House

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Ginevra Malenki
Slytherin Prefect, Divination teacher
Slytherin Prefect, Divination teacher
Ginevra Malenki

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PostSubject: Ginevra Malenki's House   Ginevra Malenki's House Icon_minitimeTue Feb 26, 2008 9:03 pm

Ginevra walked down a long stone pathway listening to the water run from the lake near by. She open two big black gates that lead to her house. It was big, and it had a garden in front of it along with a fountain in the middle of the pathways that her dad had put in and made the stone path around the fountain. She walked in and looked around as a house elf came up to her. "Welcome home, Ms. Ginevra." she said. Ginevra smiled at her and then handed her the coat she had been wearing. "Thanks Laih, is mom and dad home?" Ginevra asked, happily. "No, Ms, Master Malenki is at an auror job, and Mistrss Malenki is at St.Mungo's working. She got called in to work late hours." Laih squecked. "Okay thanks Laih." she said, as she just sat on the couch and fell asleep.

Ginevra Amara Malenki
Emma-lee Leanne Malenki
Carrie Jayne Stone

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Ginevra Malenki's House
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