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 The Rules!

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Brianna Potter
Admin, Leader of the Dumbledore's Army and Ravenclaw Head of House
Admin, Leader of the Dumbledore's Army and Ravenclaw Head of House

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PostSubject: The Rules!   Wed Feb 06, 2008 8:33 pm

These are the rules (examples in the brackets are examples of what not to do):

1. NO SPAMMING! No posts under ten words!
(e.g. OMG, That's so cool)
2. NO MULTIPOSTING!! If you have a lot to say, then post it all in one post, and if you forgot something, simply edit your post!
3. NO SWEARING!!! There may be young people on the site, and it wouldn't be very kind to swear!
4. NO GODMODING IN ROLEPLAY!!!!! Taking control of another person's character is not only wrong, but just plain stupid! (e.g. Harry casts a spell, it his Sirius in the chest and he falls down)
5. NO SEXUALITY!!!!!! Kissing and hugging is ok, but anything above it is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
6. NO INSULTS OR FLAMEWARS! Nobody wants to feel down about themselves, so do NOT insult people, how would you like it if I called you a dummy?
7. THIRD PERSON ROLEPLAY ONLY! Always roleplay from a third person point of view. Do not roleplay from first person (e.g. I walked into the great hall)
8. YOU NEED A WAND, ROBES, A BROOM (if you plan on being in quidditch), AND TO BE SORTED BEFORE YOU ROLEPLAY! Nuff said.
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The Rules!
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