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 Brianna Potter's Farm

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Brianna Potter
Admin, Leader of the Dumbledore's Army and Ravenclaw Head of House
Admin, Leader of the Dumbledore's Army and Ravenclaw Head of House
Brianna Potter

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Roleplay Name: Brianna Potter
Roleplay Age (or Real Age if you are using it): 14
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PostSubject: Brianna Potter's Farm   Brianna Potter's Farm Icon_minitimeWed Feb 06, 2008 8:10 pm

Brianna Potter had a little farm house she affectionately named "The Raven's Nest", she grew up here with her parents until they moved away and gave her the farm at an early age, since they both had jobs in a city somewhere nearby, but the jobs couldn't support them, rent, bills and a child at the same time. Brianna had run the farm independently for the past year or so, castrating non breeding male animals, raising, gathering eggs from, and slaughtering chickens, raising, milking and slaughtering cattle, raising and milking goats, raising and slaughtering sheep, growing and picking vegetables, fruit trees and wheat, and raising and slaughtering pigs. She had special ties with the wildlife around her home, a pack of wolves always stopped by for a snack, she had a pet fox who she loved dearly, and a pet raccoon she raised since it was young. In her spare time, when not cooking, cleaning, taking care of animals, slaughtering animals or doing anything, she would go on her laptop that she set up in a corner of her room upstairs in her house on the farm, and look up flash cartoons, or just looked up random things, she did lots of other things as well on her laptop. Her bedroom walls were painted a bright shade of blue, with posters of Harry Potter, wolves, foxes, raccoons, and other wildlife plastered on the walls along with pictures of her and her friends. Her other walls in her two-story farm house were painted either black, grey or red. A large black dog ran around on her farm, she named him Padfoot, because Sirius Black was one of her favorite Harry Potter characters. Her owl, cat, rat and toad had custom homes outside, built by Brianna herself. One day, she was done all the barn chores, and she sat on her couch, reading "Florae and Faunae of the Wizard World"
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Brianna Potter's Farm
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